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Stress and Anxiety

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Anxiety

For many people ‘stress’ is a normal part of everyday life. Some even report that they thrive on the adrenaline created by stress and feel they can achieve more when under pressure.

We all have times when we feel anxious about things in life. Things like preparing for an exam; delivering an important presentation, or waiting to get medical test results. All these are examples of healthy, normal anxiety.

However, as with most things, too much stress can becomes a problem when it has life limiting consequences. By this I mean, activities you used to find fun and pleasurable you no longer find to be so. When anxiety and worry start to control your life, this is the time to consider whether you could benefit from therapeutic support.

What are the Symptoms of Unhealthy Anxiety?

You may feel tired more often than usual, have disturbed sleep or find yourself overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. Physical complaints including migraines, asthma and high blood pressure can also be triggered or exacerbated by stress. Some people also start to feel depressed. Anxiety can also produce unpleasant side-effects of sweating, tension, panic and avoidant behaviour, and if left unmanaged can cause difficulties in your relationships, at work, and in your general mood levels. All these signs are indicators that ‘normal’ stress has tipped over into ‘unhealthy’ stress or anxiety. Unfortunately, unhealthy, prolonged anxiety can negatively impact all aspects of your life as well as affect the lives of other family members. 

A great many anxiety problems arise because of extreme levels of stress. There are several conditions for which anxiety is the main symptom including panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – all of which tend to be focused around a specific issue or event.

Alternatively, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is an anxiety condition that is characterised by excessive, uncontrollable and non-specific worry. This is one of the most common presentations we see at the Inner Space practice.

You're Not Alone

If this sounds like your experience, then you may find it helpful to know that you are not alone; anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people seek therapy.

The good news is that anxiety is treatable. Many people suffer from it and many of these people reduce or eliminate their anxiety completely through counselling. With the right therapist, you could experience this freedom too.

How Can You Benefit from Anxiety Counselling?

The Inner Space team have many years experience helping people in Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks to cope with and overcome anxiety and excessive worry.

Your therapist will help you increase your awareness and self-understanding by exploring both the root causes of your anxious feelings and the elements which are sustaining them. Awareness is the first step to gaining control over your anxiety and stopping it. As part of your work together, you therapist is also likely to support you with specific, practical skills such as; controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

With the correct treatment, anxiety counselling can help you;

  • Control and manage your anxiety so it stops inhibiting the joy in your life

  • Feel more relaxed and in control

  • Be able to attend social functions and feel at ease

  • Sleep better at night and feel rested in the morning

  • Feel happier and have more energy to enjoy the things you love

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