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Relationships can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life. However, it is the very fact that relationships matter so much to us they can also be the cause of huge emotional distress. Perhaps your marriage is struggling or you are finding it hard to connect and communicate with your children, family, friends, colleagues or boss.

The stresses of modern life can put a lot of pressure on us which often results in arguments and miscommunications with others living us feeling distressed, angry, disappointed, rejected or lonely.

If you are suffering because of relationship issues, counselling and psychotherapy can help you discover healthier patterns of relating to others.

We will help you identify behavioural patterns as you talk through your relationship experiences, which can lead to greater clarity and understanding about the changes that are needed. I will also work with you to explore historical patterns in your relationships to enable you improve your communication skills and move forward in healthier relationship patterns in the future.

Equally as important in our work together is the relationships we build between us as therapist and client. Your therapist will often reflect to you during therapy how they experience your relationship together in order to help you gain self-insight into a healthy relationship. This will support you as you work towards building stronger and more positive connections with others outside the therapy room.

Marriage and Partnership - Couples Therapy:

A marriage or partnership is a deep personal investment so when things go wrong it can feel like a huge struggle to stay connected to the person you once felt so close to. You may feel taken for granted or perhaps an affair or other major life event has fundamentally shaken the foundations of your life together.

You might feel exhausted and confused about what to do next. Often marriage and partnership issues can erode confidence and sense of self. Friends and family might offer advice with the best of intentions, but they are often too close to the situation to provide you with the objective perspective you need.

Couples therapy offers an unbiased, supportive, non-judgemental and entirely confidential way to understand your issues. Your relationship is the true client when you attend couples counselling at Inner Space Counselling.

We do not take sides but will work with you to identify the key issues, how you are thinking and feeling, and discover what decisions you both want to make for the future. We will help you develop your skills of communicating clearly with each other and support you as you work together to find the best possible outcomes for yourselves.

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